1994-2003: Restoration of murals

In the summer of 1982 a friend and  restorer  in Toulouse asked me to help  him restore the 14th century paintings inside the cupola of the cathedral of Cahors .I agreed and for some months it was  like an apprenticeship. Then , having to deal , like so many artists , with the hazards of economic life  , I worked with him again in 1989.
In 1994, I collaborated with other restorers on further restoration programs.
That's when I decided  to stand on my own two feet and I started what was, at the beginning, only a transitory work and not a full time activity.
I enjoyed working on large surfaces, in these meaningful places, and recreating a workshop in those castles, churches and cathedrals.
There I found again the silence and solitude of my studio,but I also enjoyed working in a team .
I  loved touching , caressing , repairing , preserving , restoring those old painted mortars , this  living , vibrating matter. Contrary to my work as a painter , I who accumulate layers to make my subject visible , I caustiously  removed every layer to evince  the subject. But in the end ,  these two inverted approaches  are the two sides  the same scope. My minute  painting   was   amplified by   the immensity of the  surfaces , in the same way as my  slow  and minute gestures  alternated with the movement of my entire body when  I was working   on frescoes inside  the  volume of the building. Each time , the purpose was to make visible and give meaning.

I was caught by the sense of wonder, the excitement of the discovery, I shored knowledge, memory, craftsmanship which were my companions once back in my studiothat I had never forsaken.

In 2003, lack of time, need to paint I gave up restoration but I still cherish those old painted walls that have so much to tell.