Odile Boniface

Odile Boniface was born in Paris in 1955.

In  1973, Beaux Arts de Beaune( 21200), then in 1974 Beaux Arts de Paris.

In 1977, she starts exhibiting her works.

In 1988, she leaves Paris and settles in Herault.

Her work then deals with landscape or more precisely with the observation of nature: a nature re invented, wild, archaic, luxuriant, mysterious, changing and luminous. The artist is not concerned with representation, there is no figuration per se in her work. The subject remains a pretext. She lets herself be impregnated, printed,  impressed by the surrounding world that she contemplates, but she paints the shadow, the light, the exuberance of colours ou matter, the transparency of water or atmosphere.

The artist has always used the same medium, used before by all the painters of the modern and classic period: oil painting. She evinced a superb reappropriation of the technique by making of its constraints  - complexity, slowness, and superposition -  the very frame of her work.

We cannot ignore the poem pervading the painter and her work
It has laid us bare
We listen and recognize the Living
Made of ink and stars
Beauty subdues us to what lies ahead
Just be there
We' ll have to forget the field birds to flee towards athanor.
Go through the vegetal,the absence and the slowness.
And let them consume us.


Jacqueline Tamagna, excerpt